Caption is a paint made with the special LacQ3 technology, a fusion of polymers that ensures that this paint:

Shelf life like gel (9 days);
Dries three times faster than regular nail polish;
Curing without UV or LED lamp;
Strengthens the nails;
Great shine;
Natural nail does not need to be filed;
Quickly removed with nail polish remover without acetone.
The polish has a great shine and stays on the nails for 9 days while making the nails stronger and healthier.
Easy to apply and remove.

You don’t have to file the natural nail. Caption can be applied like normal nail polish and is self leveling. The structure is comparable to a gel polish. The specially designed brush ensures that you can paint easily and tightly along the cuticles. Caption is easy to remove in seconds with normal nail polish remover without acetone.

Opaque color
The lacquer is highly pigmented so that the lacquer is very opaque, this means that 70% of all colors are opaque in one layer! Caption has a great shine.

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