Foot care package        

The treatment starts with applying an anti-bacterial spray and a foot bath. Then we will cut the nails, remove any old nail polish residue, the cuticles are pushed back and cut if required. Next, a wonderful smelling scrub will be applied to remove the dead skin cells and makes the skin feel soft, which also allows the removal of light calluses. For extra care your feet will get a nourishing mask that will activates detoxification. Last in this pampering package follows a foot massage for total relaxation.


This is a completely new service! It does not substitute nail polish, nor does it replace artificial nails. It is applied the same as nail polish, but cured in the UV-lamp and it remains 6 weeks. Say goodbye to nips, chips and smudges! Be surprised by this wonderful product and maintain beautiful nails for weeks. You can put your shoes on immediately after the treatment.

French Pedicure polish       

The French Pedicure technique, which shows a white free edge and a natural or pink nail bed will be applied with nail polish and will last for about 6 weeks. Please bring your flip flops.

Do you want a relaxing treatment for your feet? Please call for appointment  070-7569817.

pedicure wassenaar

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