Bodytreats - Relax, Enjoy & Be Well

Welcome to Bodytreats, the address in Wassenaar for massages, pedicure and hand care.

Dear customers,

Bodytreats will understandably stay closed longer, till Tuesday April 28th, unless we receive other news from the government. 

Would you like to book your appointment for May or June, then please let me know. 

I hope to have informed you sufficiently and hope that you all are well. 

I really appreciate your understanding.


Kind regards,

Babette Tettero


Relax: In our hectic life, we take too little time to relax. Therefore, we threaten to scratch, literally and figuratively. By regularly planning a relaxing moment, you prevent the risk of cramping.

Enjoy: enjoy one of the massages in our practice in Wassenaar, which I can offer you and relax so body and mind. Or take care of your hands or feet in peace.

Be Well: You will notice that after every treatment, both pedicure and a massage in Wassenaar, you can resist it!



Body Treats massage experiences a greater well-being and more life energy because you achieve a state of overall harmony. “Experience the relaxation by touching the art.”

Hand care

Our hands are a subtle but very important part of a caring look. Body treats is a professional nail studio and can help you get and maintain beautiful nails and hands.

Foot care

Our feet carry us through life and deserve more attention. Stand firm and well-groomed with your feet on the ground, give yourself a moment of rest and enjoy a treatment at Bodytreats.

Why Bodytreats?

Greater prosperity
Relaxation and care
Graduate masseuse

For body care, massage, or pedicure in Wassenaar, you are at the right place at Bodytreats! Body treats are located at Haven 2 A in the old part of Wassenaar. It is a quiet area with lots of privacy and beautiful harbor views. There is a nail studio with waiting area and a separate massage room available that is decorated in a quiet and tranquil setting. In addition, there is plenty of free parking and you can also reach the bus or bike by bus.


Relax, Enjoy & Be Well