Detox - Bodytreats voor pedicure, nagels, massage Wassenaar

Bodytreats has a new product this year. The fantastic detox with Aloe Vera from Forever Living.

A Detox that will make you feel happy, vitalized and clean. The number of cm’s will be reduced and some kilo’s will be less. The Detox is very easy to follow and complete. You will feel reborn. This will be a good start of your holiday and defenitely worth wild, even for other seasons in the year. I have completed this detox myself and only whished I did so sooner!

Would you like to feel more joy?
Would you like more energy?
Would you like to feel better in your skin?
Would you like to feel clean inside?
Would you like to loose weight and cm’s?
Would you like to absorb more nutricians?

Then this 9 day detox is just the thing for you!

Drinking Aloe Vera will give you 200 extra nutrition’s that give a good supplement to the vitamin poor food that we are eating now a days. Also Aloe balances the colon, which can prevent a lot of physical complains. It cleans your intestines, improves the immune system and creates better absorption of the nutrition’s. Your intestines are your second brain. Many physical as well as psychological complaints come from a poor working stomach/ intestine system.

The detox box costs € 121,60,- incl shipping. For more information, please contact Bodytreats.