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Fungus nails treatment

It’s autumn and the feet are back in the shoes, the nails aren’t painted as much anymore, so this is the time to pay more attention to treating a fungal nail. It is often a minor inconvenience, but it is common among us.

A mycosis or fungus nail is a thickened nail and has white, yellow and/or brownish discoloration. The cause of this can be a disease or infection.

How do you get it?

Infection with a fungus is usually caused by wet humid areas where fungi can nest and grow well, such as in swimming pools or in public changing rooms. By walking barefoot you can come into contact with athlete’s foot and then also with nail fungus.

When nails are frayed or the nails are in a warm, moist environment where the fungi can grow well.

You are also more susceptible to a fungus if you have a low resistance or a wound.

Even if you practice good hygiene, it is often with an alkaline soap (degreasing) that can affect the natural protective layer of the skin. And then the fungi can penetrate more easily.

What can you do about it?

A mycosis nail never goes away spontaneously. It will get worse rather than less if nothing is done about it. A fungal nail is really not just a cosmetic problem. Because the nail thickens, it can cause complaints such as pressure, ingrown and inflammation.

First provide an HP neutral soap, then dry the feet and especially between the toes well and preferably wear flip flops in public areas or hotel rooms.

In terms of treatment, I see the best results in the salon because the customer very consistently lubricates with 2 products:

Dadi’Oil in combination with HFL Solution Spray


Dadi’Oil is a versatile and caring nail oil that is made to give flexibility, strength and shine to the natural nail and cuticle. Dadi’Oil is a natural product, non-greasy, odorless, full of vitamins and is quickly absorbed.

HFL Solution Spray is a product against fungal infections and ensures that the matrix becomes fungus-free, so that a new healthy nail will grow out. > It works for 12 hours, which is why the spray really needs to be applied in the morning AND in the evening. Very consistently until the nail is healthy again.

These products are available at Bodytreats.

In some situations, the customer prefers to take a medicine that kills the fungus from the inside. This can work well. Only it is a bit heavier on some organs, so the GP is not so enthusiastic about it and rarely prescribes it.

Another option is to have the nails treated with IPL laser technology. This is a somewhat costly approach, but it can be effective. For this I can only refer you to a salon that specializes in that.

So there is work to be done if you want to get rid of mycosis nail. Which option suits you best, if you suffer from this, I would be happy to discuss with you during a treatment.

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Thank you for your attention.

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Babette Tettero