Gel nails

The treatment starts with disinfecting of your hands with an anti-bacterial gel. Then we prepare the natural nail in order for the artificial nail (tip) to adhere better. Then we will apply the gel on the nail in the chosen color. Gel is an instantly ready substance that will be taken from the jar with a brush. It forms a layer over the natural nail as well as the tip and creates a natural looking enhancement. By filing we will create the desired shape. Gel cures by means of an ultraviolet lamp under which you place your hands for 2 minutes. The artificial nail will feel slightly more flexible than the acrylic nail. We close the treatment with a nurturing hand cream and give the cuticles some extra care.

Refill treatment

When you choose artificial nails you need to have a refill treatment every 3 to 4 weeks because your own nails will grow. The acrylic or gel applied on your nail will also grow and will show little outgrow on the cuticle area, as well as having nails that are too long. Itís recommended to not wait too long to have your artificial nails groomed back into shape.

French Manicure

Usually we see nails that have been created according to the French Manicure technique, where the nail enhancement has a white edge and the nail bed is natural or pink. You can also choose to have the free edge created with a color or glitter for an extra effect.

Natural nails

People who would like to have their nails polished regularly often choose for a natural nail which means that only a natural layer will be applied over the enhancement.

Nail strengthening

When you have beautiful natural nails and only want to strengthen them or protect them from breaking, we can apply a thin layer acrylic or gel over your own nail.

Artificial nail removal

If you decide to choose for acrylic or gel nails, please keep in mind that you need to have these groomed regularly. Should there be a time when you have little possibility to have this done or you decide to wear them no longer, you can always decide to have them professionally removed by Bodytreats.

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