Manicure Wassenaar

Bodytreats offers a delicious manicure treatment with many possibilities:

O.P.I Touch up Treatment     

This short treatment is meant for ladies who want groomed hands and nails in a blink.

O.P.I Relaxing Treatment     

The Relaxing Treatment is a manicure for ladies who prefer a more intensive and relaxing treatment.

O.P.I Anti-Aging Treatment     

The Anti-Aging Treatment is a manicure that gives an intensive treatment to your hands. A serum will be used to reduce pigmentation spots or will prevent them. The result is a fresh and young appearance to be proud off.

Should you be looking for even more softness for your hands (in case they are really dry or feel rough), we offer the paraffin treatment.

Nail polish is not included, but can be booked additonally.

Do you feel like having a relaxing treatment for your hands? Please call for appointment 070-7569817.

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