Pregnancy massage

Let yourself come in contact again with your body through massage and be together with your baby. A lot of changes take place in your body during your pregnancy that can give some inconvenience on physical level. Also a new bond is being formed with the baby growing inside of you and you are experiencing new emotions. With a pregnancy massage aimed on relaxation you will find that your breathing goes deeper, your muscles relax and blood flow improves.

You will be invited to bring the attention from your head to your body to be aware of your feelings. This will give a great feeling of relaxation and you will make contact with your unborn child. This massage is being performed on the side and partially on the back, where you will be supported with several pillows. Pregnancy massage works relaxing, is not a pressure point massage and has no medical purpose.

If you want to make an appointment, it is good if you have had a consult with your gynecologist. This massage can take place in principle during any stage of your pregnancy.

Would you like to be massaged together with your baby? Please call for appointment 070-7569817.

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