Average score reviews customer site Treatwell (18 reviews)

  • Overall 9.0
  • Price / quality: 8.8
  • Ambiance: 8.9
  • Service: 9.2
  • Return percentage: 100 %

“As usual excellent service , great atmosphere”.
Vanessa October 2018

“Babette always gives a great manicure. The nails are beautifully finished and she is always right on time and very pleasant.
Alka August 2018”

The Lomi Lomi massage was sheer heaven, Babette is superb at the technique and I felt so relaxed, as if I was floating. I can’t recommend Babette and this massage highly enough!
Helen August 2018

“Lovely and personalized treatments here @ Bodytreats. Everything explained and personal comfort always taken into account. The Lomi Lomi massage is super relaxing ammd my hands and feet are beautiful!! Many thanks.
Shellie July 2018
“I was very happy with my treatment Thank you very much.
Patricia February 2018

I have been coming to Babette for nearly 2 years, and she came recommended from a friend.  I started with manicures, then added pedicures and now also have a massage.  Going to Bodytreats and being treated by Babette is an absolute pleasure; she is very attentive, creates a very calm and relaxing atmosphere and is very good at what she does, as well as being a genuinely warm and nice person.  I certainly recommend her.

Babette, you can put me down for 10 out of 10 for everything – price/quality, ambiance, service.

Bodytreats 100% lives up to its name. Whether its a mani, pedi or a massage Babette creates an environment that truly allows you to relax. Her attention to detail is top notch and I will always recommend her if you want a true, quality spa experience.
Kerin- May 19th, 2016

I have been coming at Bodytreats the last 6 months and I’m very happy and satisfied with the treatments I got. The relaxing massages are fantastic and the pedicures are really professional done. Babette is a warm and empathic woman who always makes me feel special. I give her my warmest recommendations.
June 20th 2016, Helle